Stuck In Traffic With A String Quartet!

July 31, 2016  —  By

When a vehicle carrying a half dozen horses broke down on England’s M5 motorway and a horse ran loose it left Saturday drivers stuck in frustrating bumper to bumper traffic. It was just outside the small town of Taunton in England’s Southwest area, where the accident took place on one of the country’s busiest highways. Luckily that day’s travelers were accompanied by fellow travelers in a vehicle carrying an experienced and very professional string quartet.


They say music soothes the savage beast. If you’ve had your share of driving in traffic than you know the level of anxiety it can cause. How traffic can drive at your patience and make you wish you could grow wings. It was this exact kind of traffic this one quartet encountered on the way back from performing at a wedding, and it was under this feeling of duress they decided to jump out of their vehicle and grab their instruments to play for the crowd.

Immediately the on-lookers pulled out their phones and began to record. Helen Delingpole was one of the other motor vehicle drivers who caught the performance and managed to record it. She later shared it on facebook so that others could appreciate how wonderful they played, and at just the right time. “This is the best part of the holiday!” someone yelled from the crowd.


Their music was definitely unexpected, but absolutely appreciated. The quartet took the opportunity to do a random act of kindness for all the others stuck in traffic that Saturday, who were feeling tired and anxious just as they were. The String Quartet played the classic tune by Johann Pachelbel called Canon and Gigue for three violins and basso continuo. The performance was so amazing applause immediately followed. “We have played some of the most incredible concert venues globally, and then one afternoon you play the M5, it all goes crazy,” violinist Lu Jeffery in a follow-up interview with The Telegraph.