No One Does It Better Than James Bond

July 30, 2016  —  By

James Bond has long been a cultural icon. The latest film, Spectre features Daniel Craig, the first blonde Bond. Let’s go through all of the fabulous actors who have graced this role. The Bond universe is an exciting one and perfect for tall, dark and handsome actors.


Sean Connery was the first Bond. That is a huge undertaking. People didn’t know how iconic this role would become, but in 1958 Connery made that happen. The film was directed by Terence Young. Dr. No was plotting to disrupt an American space with a beam weapon and Bond foils him.


“From Russia With Love” is the second film to star Sean Connery. 007 gets into some trouble and ends up in the Soviet consulate. It was made for 78.9 million dollars and grossed even more. Although, this budget seems modern by today’s standards.


1964’s Goldfinger was a highly entertaining film. Bond investigated a gold smuggling operation spearheaded by Auric Goldfinger. He eventually got to the bottom of Goldfinger’s plot to break into Fort Knox. This was the first Bond film to be considered a “blockbuster”. The budget doubled and so did the reward.


Sean Connery appears in the 4th Bond film, “Thunderball”. This time he’s on a mission to stop nuclear war. SPECTRE proves to be a continuous nuisance. This film features a lot of Bond girls as well. The franchise would later be known for them. He also saves the United States and England from destruction.


“You Only Live Twice” was the first full color Bond film. It also discarded a lot of plot devices that had been previously relied upon. There are only a few characters and locations in this film, which ended up on cutting down costs. Bond went East in this film, with Japan being the main location. His work on a remote Japanese Island became exciting very quickly.


The 6th Bond film brought in a new actor. George Lazenby was only in one film. Apparently he didn’t gross as much as Connery’s take on the character. The story was also lacking.


Connery came back in “Diamonds are Forever” and it took in 116 Million dollars. It was also the final film to star Sean Connery. In this film he impersonates a diamond smuggler and uncovered an old nemesis, Ernst Blofeld. He wanted to use the diamonds to build a giant laser.


The eighth Bond movie brought in Roger Moore. The focus this time was on a drug lord named Mr. Big who actually turned out to be Dr. Kanaga. The majority of the film actually took place in the Carribean. It’s a film surrounding gangsters and voodoo. It did just as well as Diamonds Are Forever. Craig was asked if he would return to the role, but has remained largely undecided.


“The Man With The Golden Gun” grossed 97 million dollars. Bond chases the Solex Agitator. It’s a device that can harness the power of the sun. Somehow, the plot based on lasers seemed to be working. Francisco Scaramanga is the character who we came to know as “The Man With The Golden Gun”.


The third film to star Roger Moore as James Bond might be the most famous. “The Spy Who Loved Me” grossed almost 200 million dollars at the box offices. The story line was really innovative. It barely touched on the themes from the book but made for an extremely compelling movie. Bond makes nice with a Russian agent and teams up with her to stop the evil plot from thickening.


Moonraker broke the 200 million mark at the box office. It also took Bond into space. Hugo Drax was a brilliant Bond villain. Chasing him took Bond to the Amazon rainforest, Rio De Janeiro, California and Venice. This would become one of the highest grossing Bond films of all time.


“For Your Eyes Only” was Roger Moore’s 5th turn as James Bond. In this film he attempts to locate a missile and gets confused by his rivals who are Greek businessmen. He meets Melina Havelock who is looking to avenge the murder of someone she loved. He decides to help her. Bond is a gentlemen.


Octopussy follows Bond as he tracks a general who is stealing expensive jewels from the Soviets. He ends up in an Afghan palace with Prince Kamal Kahn. He uncovers a plot to force disarmament in Europe. Of course, there is nuclear war involved too.


Today Silicon Valley is known for its tech and start-up companies, but in this Bond film it needed to be saved. Max Zorin is Bond’s nemesis. He wants to blow up Silicon Valley. The title was actually adapted from Ian Fleming’s short story “From a View to a Kill.” The movie was titled “A View to a Kill”.


“The Living Daylights” made over 191.2 million dollars. This was the 15th entry into the Bond film series. It was the first to star Timothy Dalton as 007. This film brought everyone back to the Soviets. It showed lots of locations due to the popularity of the series. Bond traveled across Europe and even to the Middle East.


“License to Kill” was the final film to be directed by John Glen. It’s the 16th in the series. That’s a lot of movies for a franchise. Timothy Dalton was not asked to return to the role following this film.


Pierce Brosnan proved to be another iconic James Bond. He was just dapper enough to bring the series back from the brink of failure. The highest grossing Bond film EVER stars him. “Goldeneye” was directed by Martin Campbell and didn’t take any cues from the novels of Ian Fleming.


“Tomorrow Never Dies” grossed 338.9 million dollars. It’s the 18th film in the James Bond series. It follows him as he tries to stop a crazed media executive. Apparently he thought it was a good idea to initiate World War III. Thank God Bond was there to stop him.


1999’s “The World Is Not Enough” revolved around the assassination of a billionaire named Sir Robert King. This film brings in notes of terrorist plots. Bond was assigned to protect the billionaire’s daughter Elektra. During this seemingly banal assignment he unravels a scheme that attempted to trigger a nuclear meltdown in the waters of Istanbul.


“Die Another Day” had a theme song from Madonna. It was also Pierce Brosnan’s last appearance as Bond. The first time Bond goes to North Korea he is accused of killing a rogue North Korean colonel. In this film he’s captured and released as part of a prisoner exchange nearly a year later. It’s a really compelling film.


“Casino Royale” breathed new life into the Bond series. In 2006 Casino Royale grossed nearly 600 million dollars. Daniel Craig portrayed bond at the beginning of his career. Agent 007 encounters a lot of people in this film. He prevents a terrorist attack at Miami International Airport and then falls into a plot where he has to beat a terror financier in a high stakes poker game.


“Quantum of Solace” has Bond seeking to avenge Vesper Lynd. He’s assisted by Camille Montes. She’s plotting revenge because of wrongdoings for her family. The Quantum organization is introduced in this film and they intend to stage a coup in Bolivia. As usual it’s Bond’s responsibility to foil that plan.


Adele did the soundtrack to 2012’s “Skyfall”. It was the first film to be produced by Eon Productions. The Sam Mendes direction features Daniel Craig again. The story surrounds an MI6 headquarters and an attack on it. This film is all about revenge.


The latest Bond film came out in 2015 and was again produced by Eon Productions. Daniel Craig shined in his fourth performance as the MI6 agent. It’s all about Bond’s first encounter with SPECTRE. It is an un-chronological film in the series and leaves an open ended finish to the latest film.