Internet Memes Welcome Pokemon Go With Open Arms

August 1, 2016  —  By


Pokemon Go recently came out and millions of people around the world are playing the game. Many people complain about the server issues, but the ones who do have the chance to play Pokemon are raving all about it.

Here are some of the funniest memes Pokemon fans have made since Pokemon Go was released.

Nothing Will Stop Pokemon Go Fans


Not even getting pulled over by the cops will stop this guy from playing.



They base Pokemon off their surroundings.

Obviously, this place is known for the weeds.

The Niantic Server Room


Meanwhile, in the Niantic server Room…

They probably have no idea how many people are suffering.

A Wild Diglett Appeared!


People are having fun using the camera.

Play safe!

Westboro Baptist Church


God hates lag.

Looks like the Westboro Baptist Church has declared war on Nintendo



The White House is a Pokemon Gym

And that gym is Merica!

Bosses Are Already Over It


You might be worried if your boss leaves this on your desk.

At least his boss has a sense of humor.

The City’s Finest


Are they waiting to pull the guy over or are they playing Pokemon?

Play Pokemon go on the job or deal with protestors and getting shot at just cause of your profession..Yeah, it’s game time

Expectations Vs. Reality


You know it’s true.

How many people have looked at you awkwardly for going somewhere you weren’t supposed to be for Pokemon Go?



You might need a Burn Heal for that burn…

Who knew Nintendo was that sassy.

Hardcore Pokemon Trainers


The lengths people will go to claim a gym.

At least they put a water Pokemon there.

Team Discounts


People are calling their territory.

And some restaurants are even giving discounts to people who are on the same squad.

Team Rocket


A new gang has appeared in the wild!

Looks like some people are taking this a bit too seriously.

Professor Willow


Who else is sick of these Pokemon appearing?

What Professor Willow’s office must look like.

Pokemon Go Servers


I don’t think these bumbling idiots could figure out how to do it…

But if the people who made Pokemon Go put these three in charge of Pokemon Go servers, yeah. It’s all their fault.