Hot Celebrities Who Got Fat Fast

July 31, 2016  —  By


Fame is a fickle thing. There are countless men and women in the world trying to become the next big star and so precious few ever actually make it. The ones that do become ‘big’ have to walk a precarious line as they become public figures. The balancing act, often made harder thanks to millions of dollars and unlimited drugs, has left more than a few people packing on the pounds. Here are 15 stars who lost their figures after becoming famous.

 2. Christina Aguilera Maybe Christina should do a little more singing and a little less eating
3. Elisha Cuthbert The girl next door has turned into the blimp on the beach
4. Hilary Duff She wasn’t shy about adding on the baby weight
5. Janet Jackson How do you go from Abs on abs to layer upon layer of fat?
6. Jessica Simpson Jessica ate her way to the top of the scale
8. Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin became a big time star and now he’s a even “bigger”
9. Jennifer Love Hewitt I know what she did last summer… not workout
10. Mariah Carey This is just a shame… she use to be so hot
11. John Travolta John Travolta is just old…and creepy…and fat

12. Kelly LeBrock She’s a far cry from her weird science days


13. Kelly Clarkson She’s a great singer but she needs to get her diet together

14. Matt Damon Looks like fatherhood has Matt packing on the pounds
15. Pink Whoa!!! look at this Pink pile of fat shit
16. Kirste Alley She was such a babe back in the day, but now she’s sloppy
17. Mike Tyson Iron Mike looks nothing like Iron these days
19. Ryan Gosling The ladies are happy that he got it back together
20. Tyra Banks She added a big gut to go with her big forehead
21. Russell Crowe Russell was never really thin but he’s been in way better shape
22. Val Kilmer Its hard to believe that the guy that played “Ice Man” looks like this
23. Demi Lovato She’s still young so we hope she gets it back together

24. Daniel Baldwin Whats with the baldwin boys and packing on the pounds?


25. Danielle Fishel Her face is twice as big as it use to be


26. Dennis Haskins What in the hell happened to Mr. Belding?


27. Courtney Love This Chick has always been a mess so no surprise here


28. Kevin Federline Once Kevin got his hands on Britney’s money he blew up


29. Kevin Smith Kevin Smith has always been fat, he’s just more fat now


30. John Goodman John is a big guy but he sure did get bigger


31. Roseanne Barr Roseanne was never known for her bodacious bod


32. Rosie O’Donnell Rosie is gross, end of story


33. Steven Seagal He use to be a kickass and take names kinda action hero. Now a days you can find him at a local drive through