A Homeless Woman And Her Dog Who Just Decided To Do The Right Thing Are Being Rewarded In The Best Way Possible: With A New Home!

July 29, 2016  —  By

It was 3 AM when Lottie Pauling-Chamberlain and her dog, Marley, noticed a strange man coming up to the door of the LUSH cosmetics location in Oxford, Oxon. She watched him enter the store and exit with 1,000 dollars worth of cosmetics and a laptop. She became suspicious and approached the man, confronting him with what he had done. The man became startled and was so surprised by her that he ran off, leaving behind everything he had stolen.


Lottie had become friendly with the employees of this location after spending a lot of time near the store with her dog, Marley. Thus, instead of walking away and keeping the stolen items, worth a lot of money if resold, she decided to wait until the store opened and return them to the employees she had come to know. According to The Telegraph, the employees were so thrilled by her behavior and her honesty that they set up a GoFundMe page in her honor to help raise money for a new home.

The manager of the store, James Atherton, was quoted saying this to the press regarding the incident: “She saw this man trying to get in – and she knows all of us, as well as our delivery drivers, so she knew he wasn’t a LUSH guy. When he came out with our laptop and about £1,000 worth of our products, Lottie confronted him and said she knew he was not from LUSH. He was so surprised about it, that he gave her all the stuff and ran off.”


Not only did the store set up the crowdfunding site for Lottie, but they also responded with a basket of food and dog treats for them as a thank you for doing the right thing. As of right now, over £20,000 has been raised to help Lottie find a new home. She plans on buying a small piece of land and putting a trailer on it for herself. Should the funding page earn enough money, Lottie would like to help others by purchasing homes for other homeless people like herself.