Most Hilarious Wedding Moments Ever Captured

July 29, 2016  —  By

You’ve done it all from the flowers, decorations and cake, but nothing could prepare you for some of these wedding mishaps. Check out these hilarious photos of the worst wedding fails of all time!

Pick the Itch


Well, apparently the rest of the bridesmaid didn’t get the memo that it was time to pick at that wedgie….

“Bend Over!”


This bride is either going to laugh her tail off when she gets her wedding photos, or she’s going to be smacking some bridesmaids around for ruining a perfectly good pic. Either way, it would make for an amusing scene.

Would You Like Cake With That?


I’m sure the guests were just waiting for one of those suckers to just pop out all night. Anyone wanna take any bets?



Best. Photobomb. Ever. This guy gets a 10 for not only the most creative pose, but he also gets bonus points for rocking the red Speedo.



Remember that photo craze that the Internet went through a couple years back? Well, here’s a classic planking for you that I’m sure won a prize somewhere.

So Much Wrong


Where do we even begin with this one? Bride in the middle of the sidewalk, on her phone nonetheless, groom pulling at the garter (at least we hope that’s what he is doing)…..whatever is going on though, she seems to be enjoying it!

Head Down


You’d think that with someone’s head between his legs, this groom would be making a much happier face! The bride doesn’t seem to be to phased by it, maybe it’s a regular thing for them. Oh and did anyone else happen to notice his wedding band on his middle finger instead of ring finger? Just curious.

“Catch Honey!”


Simple, this couple is just practicing for when she gives birth! Right?

Drunken Shenanigans


You know those pictures taken in clubs of drunk people? Yeah, this is a drunken shenanigans bonus picture. Wonder what that lady on the right was hoping to grab a hold of?


Chug! Chug! Chug!


Well, at least the guys lifting her up were nice enough to keep her dress off the ground. Stay classy, princess bride.

Cleavage Gone Wrong


Ok ladies, everyone likes to show off their assets but this? This is just too much. At least wear a bra to keep those puppies alert! They look like they’re trying to escape!

Wrong Hole


So while this bride was trying to be cute and peek OUT of a hole, leave it to her groom to try to be getting INTO another!

Who is the Real Bride?


Looks like the groom picked the wrong time to let his bride know he swings both ways…..Or perhaps we are getting this all wrong and he was the actual bride? Who knows, but these groomsmen and definitely hoping they aren’t next in line for kisses….

“Excuse me!”


Sisters are Forever


Leave it this bride’s sister to photobomb her beautiful picture. Maybe she’s secretly telling us how she feels about the groom.