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Floyd “Money” Mayweather is one of the flashiest, blingiest stars we’ve seen in generations. He’s an amazing boxer and certainly deserves his status. Before we get into the details, here are some basics about his wealth.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth: $400 Million as of August 15th, 2015
2014 Earnings: $105 Million
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Married: No
Kids: 4
# Houses: 1
# of Cars: 15


Some people count sheep while they drift off to sleep. Floyd? He pops the bands off his winnings from sports betting and finds comfort in his never-ending pile of dough.


Just another day at the sports book. Floyd has a penchant for sharing pics of his winning tickets along with a quick one liner. This one is classic. He put $275K on the Spurs in what was one of his smaller bets over the past couple of years. I’m still searching for pics of his losing tickets though. “Money” does not have a penchant for showing those, but my guess is he has a lot of them.


Where does one go when he has too much cash on his hands? Floyd recently dipped to the St. Regis Bora Bora with Justin Bieber for an impromptu holiday.


Here Floyd and Justin Bieber are counting their wads of cash. Certainly something one always does when on a relaxing vacation in Bora Bora.



Sometimes, you just wanna show off with your friends. Here, we see Floyd alongside musician and close friend 50 Cent. Looks like about 50 Cent is holding about $200K. One thing we didn’t mention is Floyd never leaves home without a bag of about $500K in cash, and he keeps all of his money in one bank account! He is one unique individual.


When you’re worth over 400M, you can spare no expense when the kid’s birthday comes around. For his 15th birthday, Floyd bought his son a gold Bentley golf cart, no lie.


Whether or not he’s drinking himself, a good host always has fine wine on deck. Here, we see Floyd cozyin’ up to a few bottles of the widely popular Cristal.


One thing that’s hard to find ever find is Floyd actually drinking. He has pics of himself with Champagne bottles, but it is very rare to ever see him actually drinking. What is VERY common is seeing 50 Cent next to him with a cocktail in his hand. I get the sense Floyd is not a big partier when it boils down to it. One last thing; nice sweater Floyd. Seriously, of all the crazy ways you spend and waste your hard earned money, that sweater is what pisses me off the most!


Money knows how to treat the ladies, and treat them he does. Floyd takes fine young debutantes to lavish meals at high-end restaurants and showers them with gifts. What girl wouldn’t want to be pampered in such style?


Even though you know it’s there, every now and then it feels good just to make sure. Here’s Floyd at the bank, pulling out a tremendous stack of cash and taking selfies with his fans.


Floyd has cash with him at all times, and altitudes. If you ever need a payday loan at 30,000 feet, you know you can count on Floyd “Money” Mayweather.


Mayweather is also an avid aficionado of jewelry and watches, all on display here in the back of his car. Whatever bling the situation calls for, Floyd comes prepared.


Floyd is also a renowned patron of the arts. He reportedly once spent over 30 minutes trying to decide where to place a newly purchased statue/sculpture with one of his trainers. I hope they decided on the attic…


Thank the Man in the sky he didn’t put it in his amazing kitchen. If you look closely, you can see a perfect sculpture on the right hand side. Very classy. Again proving he is a patron of fine art. One thing though. He’s also a patron of portraits of himself. He owns very little artwork, and his walls are filled with pictures of himself. No big deal. You can’t truly love somebody until you love yourself. Right?


Mayweather is no dabbler when it comes to cars, seen pictured next to a Ferrari, a Lambo, and a Rolls. Whichever flavor the day calls for, Floyd won’t be left wanting.


Some say Money don’t sleep. Well, if he’s not asleep, he looks plenty comfy to me. Here’s Floyd catching a snooze on the beach in Jamaica.


Every now and then, even the richest of jet-setters has to recharge his batteries. Here’s the undefeated champ at home, enjoying some netflix from the comfort of his hot tub.


Look familiar? Who do you think is more badass? I vote Scarface.


Who needs accompaniment? Well, aside from the wait staff… Floyd enjoying a gorgeous view at what appears to be a five-star hotel, all on his lonesome. And who’s to argue, it’s nice to have a meal to yourself now and again.


Floyd’s passion is perfection, and the man has thus far achieved it. He can sit on his throne and look back on an excellent professional record, while enjoying all the fruits of his labor.


Put the money on the table. This is an adage that Floyd “Money” Mayweather appears to have taken to heart. And God bless him, maybe he can put some aside for us nice folks at home.


What’s a man to do when he has everything he wants? Give back. Here’s a side of Floyd you don’t see in the media, contributing money to charitable causes like cancer research and education. That’s something even the haters can get behind.


One word: watches. Mayweather has en epic watch collection, seen here. Some of these are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Best part? This isn’t even all of them.


Which Bugatti should I drive to my private jet? Here’s Floyd getting ready to depart on his own airplane, living the dream. His means of transportation are on point!


What does a top-billed athlete do when he’s forced to sit on a plane for hours on end? Look no further: Floyd “Money” Mayweather reads the paper when he’s bouncing around the world. And, as always, the cash is always within reach.


I guess the hot tub at home got boring. Floyd enjoys a tasty beverage whilst sailing away on a gorgeous yacht. And never fear, folks: that looks like a bag of cash within arm’s reach. One of my all-time favorites of Floyd hanging out with the person he loves most.


Floyd likes to be pampered, too. Here he is at the nail salon, settling in for a nice, relaxing mani/pedi. Gotta respect a dude who’s comfortable with his masculinity.


Ordinarily I’d be like, “what??”. However, his head, hands and feet make him his money, so he’s got to take care of the money makers. He’s proven he keeps his mind sharp, so that part is already covered. I love how excited his buddy/bodyguard is in the background…


Here, we get a peek into what the rich and famous do when they’ve exhausted their imagination for frivolous spending: They simply just chill, as seen here when Floyd began his promotional tour for the Canelo fight.


We just got word that Floyd made $300 Million this year, which is almost half his career earnings… in ONE year. What better way to celebrate than by shelling out $3.5 Million on a brand new Bugatti Grand Veyron Sport?! That only leaves another $297 Mill for paying the bills, must be rough.


It probably comes as no surprise that Floyd splurged and got himself a little Christmas ice to brighten up the holidays. The champ went and spent between $10 and $15 Million, according to a source within his entourage, coming away with a 50 carat ring and 74-diamond necklace. Yowza…


The World Champ appears to do everything with money by his side, and sleep is no exception. Here he is wrapped up like a burrito in a hundo tortilla. Must be nice…

Just in! Floyd just got a new $100K customized Jeep Wrangler…Pics on next page.


This is cool. Floyd just unveiled this car. Fully customized from top to bottom. If I had $100K to blow, I would definitely be in on something like this.


A head shot. Very cool.


Dyed alligator skin in “TMT” (The Money Team) colors. Fitting. I think the alligator skin takes it over the top. This is a classic ride and is one of my favorite Mayweather splurges.

I hope you enjoyed flipping through these pics as much as I enjoyed writing this post. I could have kept going but I needed to focus my attention on others. Come back and visit us to see other stars. We are updating the site daily. We just added Bieber, Kim K. and Drake. Click on one of them below to see how these filthy rich stars live their filthy rich lives. Enjoy.