Bankruptcy: 24 NBA Players That Lost It All

July 31, 2016  —  By

Antoine Walker


One would think that with a $110 million contract that money would be no issue, but this former NBA star proved us wrong. Walker not only supported his expensive car and gambling habits, he also supported 70 family and friends. In 2009 he hit rock bottom when he was arrested in Las Vegas for writing fraudulent checks to casinos.

Scottie Pippen


Apart of one of the greatest NBA dynasties of all time, Scottie Pippen was a legend on and off the court. It was his financial decisions that took the beating. His $120 million earnings over his career still wasn’t enough to keep Pippen from going bankrupt.

Latrell Sprewell


A 3-time NBA all-star, Sprewell blew his entire $100 million earnings after years of living life lavishly caught up with him

Derrick Coleman


Coleman wasn’t a flashy or big name star in the NBA, but he was consistent. After failed business attempts, Coleman was forced to file for bankruptcy in 2010, owning $2.9 million to multiple creditors.

Allen Iverson


One of the most prolific shooters in NBA history, Iverson was entertaining to watch every single time he stepped on the court. Even though he earned $160 million throughout his career, he managed to lose it all due to his gambling problems, the 50 person crew he supported, alcoholism and legal fees.

Vin Baker


Since hanging them up in 2006, Baker hasn’t had much to talk about. After poor financial decisions and tax problems, he has lost most of his $97 million career earnings.

Shawn Kemp


One of the most decorated NBA players out there, Kemp enjoyed a hall of fame career making over $90 million during his 14 year stretch. But with seven kids by six different women, what money he didn’t pay to them went to his drug-related legal troubles.

Dennis Rodman


One of the best defensive players and rebounders in the game, Rodman played reckless and with passion. Even after making $27 million over his career, Rodman struggled paying simple bills and was on the brink of depression.

Eddy Curry


A promising young star, Curry was drafted 4th overall by the Chicago Bulls in 2001. Major financial issues with family and friends and attempts at quick solutions lead to him losing his $70 million fortune and a personal loan he took out with Allstar Capital left him with a 85% interest rate. Yikes!

Rick Mahorn


Mahorn was apart of the one most notorious rosters in NBA history when he played for the 1990 championship Detroit Pistons. With intentions to help the city of Detroit, failed investments in properties lead to Mahorn filing for bankruptcy in 2010 and being forced to sell his championship ring.

Kenny Anderson


Anderson earned $60 million over a 14-year career but being a car enthusiast, owning a huge mansion in Beverly Hills and child support payments for seven kids took it’s toll. He lost it all after a rough divorce from Tami Ronan, who celebrated immediately after.

Jason Caffey


Caffey bounced around a lot during his career in the NBA and made $34 million in the process. He tried to file for bankruptcy in 2008 so that he could avoid paying child support to his ten children from eight different women.

Gilbert Arenas


Arenas isn’t close to being broke yet and that is due to his $111 million contract he is still receiving from the Orlando Magic. It is, however, dwindling quickly due to a personal shark tank, some 2,000 pairs of shoes, a seven-bedroom mansion and crazy gambling expenses.

Eric Williams


Williams enjoyed a 12-year NBA career where he earned $40 million throughout his career. He says he is now homeless and broke due to the divorce from his ex-wife.

David Harrison


Harrison had a pretty subpar career only playing 4 years in the NBA with the Indiana Pacers where he earned $4.4 million. In 2013 he was seen working at McDonalds after he was unable to pay for his son’s happy meal.

Charles Barkley


One of the best NBA players to ever grace the court, Barkley was not as good with his money as he was with the ball. In 2006, he claimed to have lost around $10 million just from gambling.

Greg Oden


Oden was selected number one overall in the NBA Draft after leading Ohio State to the National Championship game in 2007. He was never able to make his mark in the NBA as a string of knee injuries kept him from his college dominance.

Jayson Williams


Williams was once a top center in the NBA for the New Jersey Nets where he averaged more than 10 rebounds a game over his last four seasons. While offering guests a tour of his home, Williams accidentally killed his chauffeur with a shotgun that he says he was just playing with. He served 2 years in prison for manslaughter after a long legal battle.

Ben Wallace


One of the best defensive players in the NBA, Wallace was undrafted and proved his worth on the court with is play. Wallace was doing well in his retirement until he was seen fleeing the seen of an accident.

Javaris Crittenton


Crittendon had a very promising career ahead of him until 2009 when a card gam dispute with former teammate Gilbert Arenas turned ugly with the two pulling guns out on one another. Then in 2011 he was charged with murder after an attempted drive-by shooting resulted in the death of a young mother who was an innocent bystander. He is now serving 23 years in prison for that murder.

Ruben Patterson


Patterson was known for being a bully on the court as he always seemed to be involved in some kind of altercation. Even with his own teammates. During his time with the Seattle Supersonics, he was charged with third-degree rape for coercing his nanny into a sex act. His legal issues throughout his career are what kept him from becoming one of the best on the court.

Eddie Griffin


Griffin was a shining star in the NBA as many saw him as being the next big thing in the sport. Struggles with substance abuse throughout his career kept him from reaching that potential and at the young age of 25, he died when he drove straight into a freight train.

Kermit Washington


Washington will forever be known for “The Punch” incident that involved him and Houston Rockets forward Rudy Tomjanovich getting in a heated exchange that occurred on-court during a game on December 9, 1977. He left Tomjanovich bloody and near death and was suspended for 60 days after the incident. When he returned to the game he was never the same as he lost a lot of respect around the league.

Jay Williams


Williams was one of the best players to ever come out of Duke University and was drafted in the first round by the Chicago Bulls. After his rookie season, he was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident that left his leg shattered and almost took his life. He never played basketball again, but found a new gig with ESPN as an analyst.