35 Hilarious Reactions To Bad Parking

July 29, 2016  —  By


Some people really don’t know how to park. We really do wonder how they passed their driving test. However, here’s a brilliant way of inconveniencing the owner of this car since he inconvenienced others first. Wrap it up!


When you see a red curb, it means absolutely no parking. Well, when you choose to ignore it, THIS is what happens. You get your windows broken with a huge firemen’s hose for it to go through. The fire hydrant beside the car, help saves lives by putting fires out.


Sigh. Why on earth would anyone park horizontally in a vertical space parking lot? Some people are just ignorant or are just simple dense. Didn’t these people attend driving schools? Most importantly, how in the world did they pass the driving test?


No way of getting out from that. Ever. Whenever you think you’re the most powerful and feel like you can do anything you want, say, park horizontally in a vertical parking lot, just remember one thing. There are always others who are more powerful than you. Bigger and badder.


See, stashing a chalk in your car or your purse would really come in handy when you see drivers who park like this. Whether the car park has a lot of space, does not entitle you to park like between two spaces. Nobody is special, especially on the road. Learn to park!


Oof. That must hurt. Just because you drive a Mercedes Benz does not give you the right to occupy four parking spots. When you park this way, rest assured, your car is going to get egged and have food and drinks thrown on it. Good luck with cleaning that up!


Short and simple is just the type of note that I would leave to an inconsiderate driver. This person sure has a funny way of expressing themselves. This inconsiderate person should really learn to not make people doubt their grammar!


You know you absolutely failed in humanity classes, when you have your friendly neighborhood Spiderman telling you that you’re an awful driver. Like Mr. Spidey said, lower your parking space consumption. Park in ONE sparking spot.


Now this might appear to be mean spirited, well, it actually is. Who can blame the shopping mall personnel? That is NOT a parking spot and the owner of the car is hindering workers from doing their job. So, the next time they decide to feel privilege, don’t.


We will never know if the police officer is thinking or laughing. The upset man on the right must be the owner of this car, fuming away. Whoever stuck post-its that shaped up to be a picture of a handicap sign is a genius. If we were there, we would whip out our camera phones too.


This is a classic move when someone gets really irritated. The best move ever. Block the inconsiderate driver by preventing him from opening his door. Brilliant. The car on the left should have blocked his other side, just for kicks.


Well, not so smart after all. Just because it’s tiny, does not mean that it will fit almost anywhere. You still need to obey the rules and park in a proper parking spot. The lines were measured out for cars who park in the proper spots, so that they can get out of it with ease. Don’t block!


Wait, why is there a rock on the car? It’s wrong for the person to park in the wrong spot in an inconsiderate manner. However, damaging the car just to show that they are furious is far worse. You don’t damage someone else’s car just because they parked like they’re entitled. Just wrong.


 Really see no point in this. At some point in our lives, we all have to grow up and stop with all these petty little road rage. Sometimes, not dealing with an inconsiderate driver and just notify the outlet authorities, is the best revenge.


“That’s a paddlin” is a catchphrase made famous by the character “Jasper” in The Simpsons. Just in case you were wondering. If you’re looking out the window, that’s a paddlin’. If you’re staring at my sandals, that’s a paddlin’. If you’re parking in this person’s personal spot, you better believe that that’s a paddlin’.


Some people think that the back alley is a waste of space and feel like they should be able to park anywhere. Well, it’s very easy to see that point when you’re driving a smaller vehicle. When you’re driving a huge truck, you need all the space you can get.


I truly believe that this person made an honest mistake. Most places have a slightly slanted type of parking spots and I assume that the owner of this fairly large vehicle thought that the lines were slanted. Maybe he or she did not deserve the “Special Spot” treatment.


This owner of the red car truly deserver this. It clearly states, “MOTORCYCLE PARKING”, all the driver needed to do was find a proper parking spot. Some people are just too lazy to find a spot that’s further away from the building they are going to. One word, “Towed!”


The owner of this truck deserve to get his or her wheel clamped. The lines are there as a guideline for parking for a reason. All he or she needed to do was to park in it. The best punishment for this scenario was if someone reported the truck and have it towed.


Might as well make a joke out of the joker. Some people truly believe that they are more special than others. So like what this person wrote, congratulations to the parking contest award winner. May your car be towed and you pay a hefty fine in retrieving it back.


No you’re not special and you most certainly do not get to park in two spots and get away with it. Way to go SUV! Tips on countering annoying drivers who do not know how to park. Block them from getting into their driver’s seat and give them the illusion that your SUV might just fall onto their car.


Man, sure wished they hadn’t written that note. They should have enjoyed sliding across the hood of the car every single day. In fact, plan a time and day to let the owner of the car catch them sliding across. That would teach the owner to not park on the walk path.


How inconsiderate was this driver! Hope he or she had an awesome party after receiving a parking award. This person really had a sense of humor by stuffing balloons in the car. Question, how did the person get the balloons in the car if it’s not theirs? Fishy.


We all need to stash chalks in our cars in case we run into inconsiderate people who don’t know the meaning of parking. The person who drew a personal parking spot for the owner of this car is hilariously sarcastic. Well, words from the wise, pick one parking spot, not two.

 e11afd68cd440f6baca382dcc4ee35acThis short and sweet simple note really says it all. It’s either you’re special or you’re just not the considerate type. When you’re not the considerate type, you get horrid notes like this on your windshield. Note, do not park in two spaces. You’re not entitled.


These people must have had some serious time on their hands. They actually carved out potatoes in the shape of little potato figurines to scare the driver. Little scary potatoes threatening to bring out their potato clan might just do the job.


When you believe that you own the streets with your large SUV, just remember that the little guys will always band together. This white SUV sure got a taste on how powerful little cars can be when they band together to block it. There is no way of escaping from that circle. Sigh. When will people learn?


Some may see this as a threat to their lives, while others might agree with the person who wrote this message. However, it is very annoying when somebody parks in a way that hinders you from driving out of your spot. Although the message was a bit rough, the person does make a very good point.


When you park like an inconsiderate person, you get clamps on your wheels. It’s as easy as that. Why would anyone think that they’re so entitled, that they can just occupy four parking spots? How ignorant can one be!? This Jeep deserves a good ol’ fashion tow away.


It’s amazing how some people feel like they are more entitled on the road more so than others. Maybe some people care more about their cars but whatever the case may be, nobody should park in a restricted space. Rules are rules, even princesses have to obey the rules.


The next irritated person too the time to draw out a diagram, just in case the owner of the car has a problem understanding. We should all learn a thing or two from this anonymous person. The last line was a bit strange though, “Showering is lather, rinse and repeat”, hmm…wonder what it means.


This move has been done by plenty before. The golden parking move when someone feels more entitled than others. However, it can be a bit risky for your own car if you ever tried to pull this move off. If this person parks in this manner, you just never know what he’ll do in a fit of rage when he finds out he is blocked in.


This ticket served as a good reminder that people should learn to be considerate when they are on the road. Everyone is the same. However, I’m not really feeling the ill-will against the inconsiderate owner of the vehicle. “I sign off wishing you an early transmission failure on the expressway” is a little too much for me.


Haha! This person must have a good sense of humor and drawing skills, apparently. I don’t know if I would go all out and draw a picture of anything. A simple “Hey, park in your own spot, next time it will be towed” would suffice.


This person is so nice to draw a picture. Especially a picture of a man chilling and holding a hot cup of coffee. It isn’t rocket science, if it isn’t your parking spot, do not park in it! It is very simple.