35 Celebrities Who Are Mega Trump Supporters

July 31, 2016  —  By

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez has it all: looks, talent, and business savvy. She also has the most famous and adored backside in the world. Her ample but is so famous, Saturday night live dedicated an entire skit to it when she appeared on the show.

Jennifer Connolly


Don’t let Jennifer Connelly’s pretty and innocent face fool you, she is absolutely stacked. To go along with those gorgeous blue eyes, she has a bust and backside to die for. You can even catch a glimpse of both in Requiem for a Dream.

Catherine Zeta Jones


Direct from Spain, we bring you one of the most beautiful women to ever live. Catherine Zeta Jones first got her attention in a skin tight body suit in Entrapment. Since that time we have never looked away.

Demi Moore


If you haven’t seen the movie striptease, stop everything and watch it right now. Demi Moore appears naked numerous times throughout and the experience of seeing her topless is something you will not soon forget. This major movie star also appeared naked in G.I. Jane in one of the more memorable shower scenes in film history.

Jayne Mansfield


Jayne Mansfield was famous for being even more voluptuous than Maryland Munro. Her unbelievable curbs made her an instant star, despite a lack of acting talent to match. Sadly, she was killed in an unfortunate car accident, cutting her career as a sex symbol short.

Sophia Loren


Sophia Loren was another one of the pioneers of pinup girl sexiness. Hailing from Italy, and appearing in numerous Italian films before making her way to the United States, she raised the bar for sexiness wherever she went. Sophia continued to act and look amazing well into her 70s.

Megan Fox


This green eyed vixen is nothing short of stunning. Megan fox has been the go to hot girl in numerous blockbusters over the past 10 years. She first got her pulse is racing in the original Transformers movie, in which her deadly curves stole the show from Optimus Prime.

Elizabeth Hurley


Who says the British don’t have perfect teeth? … Or perfect everything else for that matter. This British brunette is certainly proof of that. Elizabeth Hurley has been making male moviegoers stare for the past 20 years.

Christina Aguilera


This talented singer also has it going on in the looks department. We have gotten to see quite a bit of her amazing body in several of her music videos over the years. With the help of a little plastic surgery magic, she has gotten quite a bit more voluptuous as time has gone on.

Tiffani Thiessen


Once we saw her on Saved By The Bell, she had our attention. By the time she appeared on Beverly Hills 90210 we were absolutely in love. This gorgeous brunette starred in the fantasies of millions during the 80s and 90s.