11 Faces You Know From Commercials: Who Are They?

July 31, 2016  —  By

As much as we hate commercials, there are some recurring characters that we actually love. Some commercials will make you laugh and some will make you want to change the channel immediately. You’ve definitely seen these 11 faces so who are they?

Mr. Verizon


Mr. Verizon himself was known around the world for popularizing the phrase “can you hear me now? Good”, which most of us will never forget.

Paul Marcarelli


Paul Marcarelli


Paul now enjoys doing most of his work behind the camera as a producer and writer.

Pine-Sol Lady


The Pine-Sol Lady Even if you never watch commercials, you’ve definitely seen The Pine-Sol Lady, whose real name is Diane Amos.

Diane Amos


Diane Amos


Most people don’t realize that Diane Amos has also made a number of appearances on tv and in the movies – she can be seen in such popular films as “Patch Adams,” “Angels in the Outfield,” and more recently, “Blue Jasmine,”

The freecreditreport.com Singer


You’ve heard the terrible jingle, but who is this guy really?

Eric Violette


Eric Violette


Allstate’s Mr. Mayhem


With a penchant for creating disaster, Mr. Mayhem (whose real name is Dean Winters) makes you wish you had Allstate’s coverage. Allstate offered him the role while he was in the hospital after he died from an infection. Yes, he actually died – they were able to resuscitate him a few a few minutes later, but he lost 2 fingers and half a thumb in the ordeal.

Dean Winters


Dean Winters


What you might not know is that Winters has been in a variety of TV series and movies. He has had memorable roles in the sitcom “30 Rock,” as well as the dramas “Rescue Me,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” and most notably “Oz.” He can also be seen in the upcoming CBS series “Battle Creek.”

Toyota’s Jan


You know Laurel Coppock as the snarky Toyota receptionist, Jan.

Laurel Coppock


Laurel Coppock


A member of the main company of The Groundlings in L.A., Coppock has also made appearances on “Arrested Development,” “The Office,” and “Modern Family,” as well as 2011’s hit film “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

Orbit Gum Girl


Vanessa Branch made her debut as the “Fabulous” Orbit girl in 2006. She was featured in advertisements with the company until 2010, when she was replaced by Farris Patton.

Vanessa Branch


Vanessa Branch


Prior to her Orbit gig, Branch was crowned Miss Vermont in 1994 and competed in the 1995 Miss America Pageant. She has also made appearances in a variety of TV shows and movies, most notably as the character Giselle in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.

AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” Guy


Although his time with AT&T was fairly short-lived, the “guy who interviews kids” (whose real name is Beck Bennett) was certainly memorable, and was praised by commercial-haters as a bright spot.

Beck Bennett


Beck Bennett


Bennet is now a featured player on Saturday Night Live, and is one of the strongest contenders to be promoted to cast member. He has been in the sketch comedy arena for several years, and his work received praise from Louis CK and Steven Spielberg.

Henry Strozier & Justin Hagan


Sorry world, but the Ocean Spray Guys are not real cranberry farmers (although the ads are filmed at an actual cranberry bog). The guys are played by actors Henry Strozier and Justin Hagan.


Henry Strozier


Prior to the Ocean Spray gig, Strozier appeared in episodes of “Sex and the City” and “Law & Order.” He played the role of the minister in 1997’s “Contact.” He is also an accomplished stage actor.

Justin Hagan


Hagan has made several brief appearances on television, and can also be seen in a few shorts and a couple of full-length movies.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like


These commercials successfully made the Old Spice brand seem younger and more current.

Isaiah Mustafa


Isaiah Mustafa


Before the Old Spice commercials, Mustafa was a football player for NFL Europe and attended practice squads for several US NFL teams. As an actor, he has made appearances on a number of TV series and had a small part in the first “Horrible Bosses” film.

Progressive Insurance’s Flo


By now, everyone in the country has seen the antics of Flo. But who’s behind the headband?

Stephanie Courtney


Stephanie Courtney


Courtney is an alumnus of The Groundlings in L.A. and has appeared in several TV shows and movies, such as “Blades of Glory,” “The Brothers Solomon,” and “For Your Consideration.”

The Wendy’s Girl


Love her or hate her, you definitely know the Wendy’s girl (whose real name is Morgan Smith Goodwin) when you see her.

Morgan Smith


Morgan Smith


Goodwin …or do you? Morgan is actually a blonde, and only went redhead for the Wendy’s role. She’s still getting starting in the industry, and has only made a couple of appearances in some short films.

AT&T’s Lily


A more recent star to appear has been the new AT&T Girl, played by Milana Vayntrub.

Milana Vayntrub


Milana Vayntrub


An alumnus of the Upright Citizens Brigade, Vayntrub has appeared in a variety of comedy short films and has had small parts on several TV series.

T-mobile Girl


No, that’s not Evangeline Lily. The T-mobile girl is played by Carly Foulkes.

Carly Foulkes


Carly Foulkes


Foulkes is still a newcomer to the industry, but so far she has appeared in several short films.