Bruno finished his boxing career with a 40-5 record, 38 of those were by knockout. His biggest bouts were against Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. He is still very popular among the British public.

Since hanging up the gloves in 1995, he has been in and out of mental hospitals after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Tommy Hearns


Hearns finished his boxing career with a 61-5-1 record with 48 of those coming from knockouts winning eight world championships in six different weight divisions. Throughout his career he made $40 million.

The IRS came after Hearns in 2010 for $250,000. He also spent a large amount of his money supporting every single one of his family members.

Trevor Berbick


Berbick finished his boxing career with a 49-11-1 record with 33 of them coming from knockouts. He is well known for being the last man to defeat Muhammed Ali and for losing his first title defense to a young Mike Tyson.

In 1991 Berbick was sentenced to 5 years in jail for sexual assault and was deported twice to Jamaica for continuous run-ins with the law. He would be murdered by his nephew and one other suspect in 2006 at the age of 52.

Edwin Valero


Valero finished his short boxing career with a 27-0 record, all coming from knockouts.

Just when things were looking promising for Valero, his 24 year-old wife was found dead in 2010. Valero admitted to killing her and was found dead the next morning in his jail cell from apparent suicide.

Felix Trinidad


The Puerto Rican native finished his career with a 42-3 record with 35 of those coming from knockouts.

In 2014 it was reported that Felix lost it all after some ill advised moves on government bonds by his business advisor that cost Felix $63 million.

Evander Holyfield


“The Real Deal” Holyfield finished his career with a 44-10-2 record with 29 of those coming from knockouts and 4 heavyweight titles.

Despite making $250 million throughout his career, Evander lost almost all of it due to paying child support to his eleven children from six different women. In 2008 his 109 room mansion was foreclosed on.

Mike Tyson


“Iron” Mike finished his explosive boxing career with a 50-6 record with 44 of those coming from his brutal knockouts.

Even though he made close to $400 million, he lost most of it to cars, drugs, alcohol, homes, child support and divorces. In the early 2000s Tyson filed for bankruptcy due to his debts.

He is doing much better these days as he has been in several movies, written books and has even appeared on Broadway.

Ricky Burns


Burns, who hails from Scotland, is still active in the boxing ring and holds a record of 37-4-1 with 11 knockouts.

A former two weight world champion, Burns filed for bankruptcy in March of 2015 after accruing more than $500,000 in debts. Most of that debt came from taking his former boxing promoter Frank Warren to court.

Leon Spinks


Spinks finished his boxing career with a 26-17-3 record with 14 of those being knockouts. He is best known for defeating Muhammed Ali on February 15, 1978 for the heavyweight championship, in what is considered one of the biggest upsets in the history of boxing.

He earned an estimated $4.5 million in the ring during his career and spent most of his money on drugs. He ended up homeless, being arrested several times and working as a janitor at a Nebraska YMCA.

Joe Louis


The “Brown Bomber” is known as one of the greatest boxers of all time after finishing with a 66-3 record with 52 of those coming from knockouts. He held the heavyweight title from 1937 to 1949 while making $4.5 million during his amazing career, which during that time was a good amount of money.

After he returned from being drafted by the army during WWII, Louis found out that he owed the IRS a large amount of money and that his manager took a good amount of his money while still having to provide for a large family. He kept fighting to pay off the government, but was never able to get himself out of debt.

Rocky Lockridge


Rocky finished his boxing career with a 44-9 record with 36 of those coming from knockouts. His biggest fight came in 1984 when he handed Roger Mayweather his first defeat by knocking him out in 98 seconds into the first round.

During his career Rocky made $2.5 million, which he lost due to his addiction to drugs after his career. He then became homeless and suffered a stroke. He hopes to get back into boxing one day and become a trainer.

Dariusz Michalczewski


Dariusz finished his illustrious boxing career with a 49-2 record with 38 of those being knockouts and close to $35 million.

For 12 years he never lost a bout in the ring, but lost several divorce cases which cost him half of his earnings whole spending the other half on gambling, cars and homes.

Wilfredo Benitez


The Puerto Rican native finished his boxing career with a 53-8-1 record with 31 of those coming from knockouts with seven of those losses coming at the end of his career.

He earned $6 million during his career, but with his father mismanaging it and Wilfredo spending it, most of it was gone when he was diagnosed with dementia. His sister now cares for him and receives government assistance for doing so.

Riddick Bowe


Bowe finished his career with a 43-1 record with 33 of those coming from knockouts. His only defeat came from Evander Holyfield, but Bowe won the war after beating Holyfield the next two times.

He spent most of his earnings on friends, cars, family, and homes and at one point had to sell his boxing memorabilia at flea markets. Bowe also served 17 months in jail for kidnapping his wife and children.

Iran Barkley


Barkley finished his professional career with a 43-19-1 record with 27 of those coming from knockouts. He made about $5 million during his career and retired in 1996 after six straight loses.

Barkley was last seen living on the streets off handouts in 2010 before moving into a halfway house to get back on his feet.